In a truck full of wheat, Sask., 1952

My parents thought I might be a ballerina

Or maybe a great golfer

Or a speed-skater

They didn’t realize I’d be a novelist

Studying for exams at law school, 1974

A little forlorn at my first law firm, 1977

With Liz Calder, editor, Bloomsbury in London, 1990 for the launch of Under the House

Dolphin jumping near my cottage

San Miguel de Allende, 2007, with a giant puppet

A curious deer came into my cottage, 2008

Dancing at the launch of Bring Me One of Everything wearing Chief Ron Ignace’s hat

A fan coming to my cottage in a big boat to get his book signed

Wendy Brown’s cover for the revised Under the House, 2012

A fan takes Bring Me One of Everything to Italy on a train

My boat named Plenty

The knife I used to edit my novel

Reading from Bring Me amongst the totems in the museum in Haida Gwaii

A light bulb I found on the beach in Brazil

Crossing Jervis Inlet in a zodiac amidst the ash from forest fires