On Double Tracks


On Double Tracks is set without a hotly contested trial where the litigation skills of lawyer Megan Striclan are tested by the taciturn Judge who rules the courtroom. The story doubles back into the lives of these two characters: their childhood, their family, their loves, tracking how it is that they ended up in this dramatic face-off which puts their angels and their devils to the test. It is a story which challenges the received assumptions about native people and the land we claim.


This novel was short-listed for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction in Canada in 1990. Along with Saul Bellow, Leslie read that year at the International Festival of Authors, Harbourfront Toronto. Greg Gattenby, the festival’s indefatigable organizer, managed to have a star named for all the writers. Somewhere LHP’s star still shines up there, although On Double Tracks is out of print. Excerpts from the novel can be read in James Elkin’s publication of Pinder’s Selected Works, 2007

“On Double Tracks, an intriguing, densely written novel about covert angst and overt anger…an interior novel in the tradition of Faulkner…[Pinder is] a master at depicting the fictional unconscious.”

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