They steal what I was meant to fix

Two poems I wrote, both pretty accessible: 1 for change; 1 for rickety love Which way do I go? Did I already tell you this? Anyway. It was when I visited you last. Were you there the last time I … Continued

Finding Home

A cartoon in the New Yorker many years ago showed two men talking at a cocktail party. One says to the other, “I come from Cincinnati, but that’s not where I’m coming from.” That’s how I felt about Saskatchewan. When … Continued

Bye Bye Brazil

T. has come down with the flu. Trouper takes me to a fairly remote area quite far from where we are living. He stays back as I walk the long beach. No one is around; no tables with umbrellas and someone … Continued

So you think you want to go to Brazil, lassie?

Recently I went on a month long vacation to Salvador, Brazil. What happened was not at all what I had expected. In the next five Catches I’ll describe some of the things which we encountered on our trip. First, the … Continued