Block Party

Block Party or “What if the fat lady wants to sing before it’s over?”


  • Filming and editing by Nick Oja
  • Performances: The Writer, Leslie Hall Pinder; The Psychiatrist, Peggie Merlin; The Husband, the Pregnant Wife and The Onlooker: Raheel Sarah and Megan Close
  • Music and lyrics by Kim Baryluk of The Wyrd Sisters from their CDs “Inside the Dreaming”, “Raw Voice” and “Wholly”
  • Other musical and inspired suggestions (and support) by Kim Baryluk
  • Thanks for the generous advice and assistance of Haida Paul and Mike Wilson, and also to the terrific “extras” who were willingly conscripted into the film.
  • The Giants, sculptures by Yue Minjun called “A-Maze-ing Laughter”, were recently purchased through the a-maze-ing donation of Chip and Shannon Wilson (of Lululemon) so they could remain in Vancouver
  • Flying assistance provided by Fly Zone Body Flight, Richmond, B.C.
  • I want to give due credit to the playwright and teacher, Sheldon Rosen, who inspired the idea of the film by telling me that he once went to Times Square in New York, at the suggestion of his psychiatrist, and handed out the dreaded “blank page” to passers by.

Filmed on location in Vancouver and Richmond B.C., Canada

7 Responses to “Block Party”

  1. megan

    Love this video! A great, and hilarious, insight into the mind of an author as she struggles to find the words.

  2. Leslie

    Thanks Megan. I’ve been interested in people’s associations with the film.
    One wrote the character was like Holden Caufield (“muted sadness and earnestness and dedication to what is right for her”)
    Another said the character was a cross between Monte Python and Buster Keaton– even funnier the second time
    Makes me think differently about myself.

  3. Linda Haddow

    I find that your “writer’s block” is an inspiration! All the world’s a stage and we all have a chance to walk across the stage… dancing, singing, talking, writing, creating and perhaps some of us, just being, and maybe that’s okay too.. all of us accepting one another, for each one having the courage to find out whom we really are and accepting one another and looking at ourselves for whom we truly are – a work of our own imperfection/perfection in finding the courage to just be.. in our own uniqueness in
    whatever shape takes form. LH

  4. wendy brown

    Pinder shows her funny bone in this zany riff on writer’s block. If she ever does get the dread WB she can start a whole new career in acting!

    • Leslie

      Then what if I got actor’s block?
      As my character says, “It’s not contagious.” Honest, Wendy Brown. Thanks for watching and not being afraid.